Barrel Racing

Barrel Racing is a female only event. The objective of a Barrel Racing run is to ride a cloverleaf pattern around three barrels as quickly as possible. The time starts when the barrel racer crosses electronic timers on her horse. She then heads for the first barrel and makes a sharp turn around it.
She then heads for the second barrel and after another sharp turn around that, she heads for the third. After a final sharp turn around the third barrel she heads directly for home as fast as possible. Her run is complete and the clock stopped when she breaks the beam of the electronic timers that started her run.
A racer may go to either the left or right barrel first but must take two left turns and one right turn, or two right turns and one left turn. If a racer knocks over a barrel during a run then a 5 second penalty is added to her final time, for each barrel knocked over. She is allowed to touch the barrel to prevent it from falling. Barrel racers must be wearing their hat as they cross the start line in order to make a qualified run. They are permitted to wear helmets if they choose to do so.